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When Gu yuan and Fu Xiaoxiao made a video call, they had not slept for

When Gu yuan and Fu Xiaoxiao made a video call, they had not slept for several days because they were too busy. He was on the other end of the phone, his big eyes were about to narrow into two slits, but he still smiled and smiled sleepily at Fu Xiaoxiao on the other end of the video phone. He said that his grandparents ate something bad, which caused intestinal infection, and the old man could not afford to get sick. Then at this time, he shook his head helplessly, and his face was full of worry and fatigue. Fu Xiaoxiao listened very sad, she blinked, in this end of the phone, moved to reach out and touch the screen of the mobile phone. When she hung up the phone, Fu Xiaoxiao squatted on the ground and did not move. At this time, she lowered her head and turned her face sideways to look at the new issue of Time magazine that she had just bought. On the cover of this issue was an old man carrying coal. The camera so clearly photographed his deep wrinkles like hills and valleys, as well as his dark and rough palms. His body and even his soul were black. And the title of the cover clearly reads two words, 'Alive.' Then a little seriously sent a text message to Gu yuan, she said: "Life has too much suffering, it is far more than happiness, but in the end, you need to live in this world.". Come on, live. Come on, Gu yuan. Fu Xiaoxiao, who had just been serious, smiled niftily after sending the text message. He reached out to peel off a chocolate and shook it in front of the four little guys. He said proudly, "What are you looking at? You can't eat it again. It's so pitiful!"! Giggle The author has something to say: There is still a chapter outside the small chapter. 82 Fu Xiaoxiao (VI) On the day of Gu yuan's grandmother's death,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Fu Xiaoxiao also went. On this day, it is also the casting day for the new ballet Swan Lake. The whole ballet of Swan Lake is numbered OP.20, which is the most famous ballet in the world and the repertoire of all classical ballet companies. But this time, what the Berlin troupe is going to perform is Swan Lake, which is very difficult and the most prominent. Swan Lake is a story about a mistaken lover. The beautiful maiden Ojeta was enchanted by the sorcerer. She was a white swan in the morning and a beautiful maiden at night. One day, the prince of the country met her by chance, fell in love with her, and wanted to marry her. But then the prince was deceived. At the ball,ultrasonic handheld welder, he mistook the black swan Ogilia, who looked exactly like the white swan Ojeta, and got engaged to her. After that, the truth came out, and the angry prince began to save his lover. Because of the story, in Swan Lake, the white swan Ojeta and the black swan Ojelia are usually played by the same female ballet actress, but because of the strong contrast between the characters and the difficulty of dancing, few people dare to challenge. But Fu Xiaoxiao, who has been determined to be the chief of the Berlin Troupe since childhood, has always been bold, but she is not afraid of hardships and hardships. She participates in the competition, which is one of the most difficult and intense challenges in all classical ballet roles. The leading actresses are White Swan Ojeta and Black Swan Ogilia. For this reason, Fu Xiaoxiao almost closed himself up, practicing dancing every day, sometimes, even when he was hungry to eat, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, he would forget. Had it not been for the fact that Xiao Qi always brought three other little white balls around in front of her, crying pitifully. When she forgot to ignore them, Xiaoqi would drag and drag an empty bottle in her mouth, knocking on one side, so that Fu Xiaoxiao remembered that there were four small white balls to feed at home, and also feed herself by the way. Then she Fu Xiaoxiao will really because of dancing, even if not tired to death, may also starve to death. On the day of the casting of the Berlin delegation, Fu Xiaoxiao, who was waiting nervously in the lounge, saw the live broadcast of the funeral of Gu's old mother in the news screen. It was a cloudy day, the weather was very heavy, and the blue sky of Berlin in the past seemed to have a little more fog. Gu yuan, as the only grandson of the old man, holding the portrait of the old man, walked alone at the head of the funeral procession, followed by relatives and friends who came to the funeral, as well as people holding slogans to demonstrate for the company's interests. And Gu yuan hung his face, you can not see his expression, dressed in black, walking firmly. A little determined, a little desolate. But in that more and more cold breath, Fu Xiaoxiao felt, but is so much fragile and lonely. So, a little hesitation, she looked down at the name plate on her dancing clothes, and looked up at the TV screen, covered by the dark crowd, which can no longer see the picture of Gu yuan. This girl, so holding the palm of her hand, stood for a long time. At that time, her heart was not nervous, but full of hesitation and hesitation. Then she eagerly picked up the phone and dialed Gu yuan. She actually thought he wouldn't answer, but he did. The first thing she asked was, "Are you okay?" But he paused and answered in a low voice, "I am very sad." At that time, Gu yuan did not know that Fu Xiaoxiao's life was also facing a choice. But Fu Xiaoxiao did not say much, she just nodded on the phone and answered softly: "Don't be too sad." But when she hung up the phone, she froze and did not move. The invigilator called her nameplate number and she still did not move. A companion came to urge her, but she still did not move. Because she was thinking that if she couldn't play Ojeta and Ogiria this time, although she didn't know how long she would have to wait before she could have the next chance, she could always look forward to it. But if this time, she did not go to see him, did not go to comfort him and encourage him when Gu yuan was so sad, then perhaps she would never be needed by him again. Because when people are vulnerable, what they need most is companionship. But if you ignore him when he shows weakness, he may never trust you as much as before. Because in this world of the law of the jungle, showing weakness is a kind of silent trust. After a violent psychological struggle, Fu Xiaoxiao finally moved. She looked up at the emblem of the Berlin regiment, but suddenly turned her head, bit her lips and closed her eyes red. Then, in everyone's surprised eyes,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, she ran out of the lounge to everyone's surprise and ran towards Gu yuan regardless of everything. The little squirrel, who had always been silly, stepped on her dream and resolutely ran to the man who needed warmth.


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